Parenting, while rewarding, can also be extremely hard.  Long hours, terrible pay and very demanding clients.  In our experience co-parenting ratchets it up another notch with so many complex, emotional and practical difficulties.

While each relationship is different, most co-parenting relationships will even out over time, and a comfortable routine will be reached.

For others, particularly where there is a high level of conflict and non-compliance, it can be a rollercoaster ride for all concerned, particularly the children.  An App won’t fix this, but it may help to reduce some of the confrontation that comes with direct communication or one parent claiming that they didn’t know about something important.

If you are struggling with co-parenting and would like to be better organised, communicate, track expenses, share information and appointments or need some advice about the emotional impact of separation you should consider using a co-parenting App.  While this may sound strange at first, it actually makes good sense.

We live in such a fast-paced world where we balance work, family, school, sports, dance recitals, not to mention running a household, that just keeping track of the next week’s schedule is nothing short of a military operation.

Why not use an App to help, after all we use Apps for everything else!

There are some great co-parenting Apps out there and each is just a little different.  Here are just a few.

App Features Suitable for
  Schedules time spending, tracks time spending, shares information and helps track expenses and logs communication.

Also offers resources for counselling.

When you need general broad assistance with the practicalities of co-parenting.
  Schedules and tracks time spending, tracks activities, exchanges school and medical information and manages expenses. Shares news, photos and videos. Also features a journal. Really practical for managing all co parenting but has some added features to enhance communication about the children.

Schedules and tracks time spending and manages expenses. You can also store receipts for expenses and add multiple co-parents. Great for when you have multiple people participating in your child’s care such as other co-parents or grandparents.

Parenting Apart
Great features and information about emotional stages for parents and children, adjustment issues, talking to children about separation. This App focuses on the emotion needs of parents and children and not on the practicalities of co-parenting. Great for advice and guidance about what to expect and how to handle situations as they arise.

Make sure you do your own research and find the App that is right for you and your family.

If you need advice about your parenting matter call us to book an appointment.  07 3999 8920.

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