Pre-nups and financial agreements

Binding Financial Agreements Brisbane

Why do you need a Financial Agreement? Financial Agreements are a very practical legal method to protect and quarantine your assets. They will give you peace of mind and confidence before, during and after the relationship.

Our Brisbane, QLD based Binding financial agreement lawyers can provide you with proper advice and peace of mind

When should I get a Financial Agreement?

If you are starting, about to start a new relationship, are in a relationship or your relationship has ended. You may want to consider entering into what the Court defines as a Financial Agreement.

What type of relationships do Financial Agreements cover?

You can be married or in a de facto relationship with a partner of the same or opposite sex. Financial Agreements are a very practical legal method to protect your assets. A Financial Agreement will give you peace of mind, security and confidence before, during and after the relationship.

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements were once only sought by celebrity or power couples. These days they are far more common especially with parties who may have been separated or divorces previously or who may have children from a different relationship.

I’m Just starting a relationship and I have nearly all the assets and my partner has very little!

If you are concerned about your assets, then a financial agreement may help you to retain control and ownership. Especially those assets you bring into a relationship. This document also ensure that assets accumulated during the course of the relationship are divided fairly or as agreed.

If you want to safeguard your future, then a financial agreement may well be the answer. Agreements about assets at the end of the relationship can also be financial agreements. Maybe you are in a relationship and thinking about ending it. Or maybe you have children and you want to quarantine assets for them.

If we agree about our assets can’t we just do an Agreement ourselves?

Careful consideration must be given to the preparation of such documents. Accurate figures correct valuations provided, to ensure there any ambiguity is eliminated. You want to ensure that the clear, legally binding document prevents future challenges to its validity.

Financial Agreements can be a complex minefield that demands skilfully prepared documentation. Don’t risk the loss of your asset base or lengthy disputes because you think it won’t happen to you and don’t think something you have written up yourself of had witnessed will protect you because it won’t.

Right now, you probably have countless questions and arguments running through your head. That’s understandable, as much as you want to be in the relationship, you understand the need to protect yourself.

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The answer will help determine the best course of action for you.

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