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Initial Consultation

At your initial consultation we will provide you with the information you need to take the next steps in your new life. We’ll explain your legal position and rights, the process, what your options and likely outcome are and provide you with an estimate of likely costs.


Family Law is our Passion

We are passionate about family law and we are equally passionate about finding the best legal solution for our clients. We have experience in all aspects of family law including wills, estates and divorce, property settlements, children, custody.

Dedication to our clients

Our Promise to You

We understand that every story is different and every client special. We will listen to your story and we will provide legal advice tailored to your case and circumstances. We will explain your options and the legal process clearly and include you every step of the way.

Best Family Lawyers In Brisbane

We give you personal attention

Looking for exceptional legal service and family lawyers in Brisbane and Queensland? McCormick Family Law is committed to delivering excellent advice and client service. If you’re facing a critical family law issue, then you need legal advice. But how do you find the right lawyer for you? Book a free no obligation ten-minute telephone consultation. Take the time to get to know us and find out what our Brisbane based family lawyers can do for you. What have you got to lose?

Our history

For as long as we have been in practice, we have maintained reputations for providing clients with cost-effective legal services in Brisbane and QLD with a professional, straightforward and honourable manner. We commonly resolve legal issues such as family law, property division, paternity, child relocation, school issues, child support, divorce, separation without the need for litigation.


Legal Advice
Negotiation & Mediation
Court Documents

Take the First Step

We know that taking the first step and picking up the phone to make an appointment can be difficult. How do you know if the solicitor or the firm are the right fit for you? That's why McCormick Family Law offer a fixed price $199.00 initial consultation for 1 hour, or free 10 minute (no obligation) telephone consultation. Take the first step, call us now to arrange a consultation with Lee-Anne, she is friendly and approachable and she might just have the answers you have been looking for.


we have the experience and confidence you are looking for.

McCormick family Law work closely with each of our clients in Brisbane. We don’t use a buffer of assistants and associates. We pick up the phone, and return our own messages and emails. We are easy to talk to, no matter the topic. And we have the experience and confidence you are looking for.

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