Separating can be difficult, no question about it!
But if there are children involved how do you prioritise their well being and put their needs first?

These tips may seem common sense to most parents, but all too often we can forget the basics when we are under stress and pressure, or if the other parent isn’t being co-operative or as child focused. That’s when we need to take a deep breath and remember that the children are also going through the process of adjusting to their parents separation and their needs are different.

1. First, consider what’s best for the children.
2. Don’t involve them in adult issues or your separation.
3. Don’t expect children to pick sides or understand why you have separated.
4. Never use your kids as pawns in a disagreement with the other parent.
5. Most children will benefit from a meaningful relationship with both parents.

Children have a right to a meaningful relationship with both parents (unless the other parent poses a serious risk of harm to them, which is something the Court takes very seriously).
However, if there is no serious risk of harm the Court will work towards protecting and fostering the child’s relationship with both parents.

The most important thing any parent can offer their child is their love and support this is especially so when your family is going through a separation.  It’s also very difficult when you are going through so much yourself.  If possible try to keep the lines of communication open with your ex partner but if this is proving to be particularly difficult consider using some of the available parenting apps such as Kidganizer, Coparently, or custody Junction.  These Apps may assist in scheduling and communication.

If you have questions about parenting Orders, a parenting plan or if you have concerns about your children’s safety make an appointment with Lee-Anne on 3999 8920.

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