Property Settlement Lawyer in Capalaba

If you want the best outcome for your family law property settlement then you need the best advice from an experienced family lawyer. In our experience, often the best outcomes in family law are achieved when people know and understand their rights, obligations and risk from an early stage.

Our experienced Capalaba-based family lawyers will take you through every aspect of your property settlement including your options for settlement, the process from negotiation to mediation, court proceedings and all the factors that a court will give weight to when considering property settlements.

Book an initial consultation for your property matter at an early stage so that you know what your options are, the best way forward and your likely range of outcomes.

Top 5 tips for preparing for a property settlement consultation

Our Capalaba based property settlement lawyers know and understand how confusing and stressful it is to talk about the breakdown of a marriage or de facto relationship let alone how that might affect your financial future, but if you take that important first step to get legal advice, you need to make the most of that appointment.

When you meet with one of our McCormick Family Law‘ experienced family lawyers for an initial consultation in respect of your property matter there are some simple steps that you can take to get the most out of your appointment.

Property Settlement Lawyer in Capalaba

Prepare for your appointment!

Family Lawyers in Capalaba

Think about your current financial circumstances both as a couple and separately.

  • Do you own a house? What do you think it is worth? Do you have a mortgage, credit cards and how much is owing? Do you own shares? Do you have savings? Do you own a caravan or jet ski or cars and if so, what do you think they might be valued at? Do you and your spouse have superannuation and if so, what is the approximate balance?
  • Cast your mind back to when you first moved in together. Did either of you own a property back then? Was your asset position more or less even when you first moved in together or did one of you have greater assets or even debt?

Think about your personal circumstances.

  • When did you first meet your partner and start living together? Did you marry and if so, what date? How many kids do you have and what are their names and ages? If the children are still young, do you have any formal or informal parenting arrangements in place?
  • Do either of you have children from a previous relationship that may have lived with you, and if so, when and for how long?
  • Does anyone in the family have special needs or health issues? 

Consider your ability to earn income.

  • Do you and your spouse both work? Does one parent stay home to care for the children and complete more homemaking duties? How do you divide work, homemaking, and parenting duties?

During the relationship did either or both of you ever receive any windfalls, gifts or loans from the bank of Mum and Dad?

  • Windfalls are things like inheritances or lotto wins.
  • Did either of you receive any redundancy packages or insurance payments? If so, can you remember when, how much and how you applied those funds?
  • Did you or your spouse ever receive any gifts or cash from a parent or grandparent? This might be as simple as one of your parents gifting you cash for your first home purchase or maybe it was a loan. If so, can you remember when, how much and how you applied those funds?

Have a list of questions you need answers to.

Remember, this is your appointment and it’s all new to you. Ask as many questions as you need to and if you don’t understand something ask for further clarification. We are here to help you!

The more information that you have for your appointment the better the legal advice you will receive. That old saying that the devil is in the details is particularly true when it comes to family law.

Get in touch with our property settlement lawyers in Capalaba to get the legal clarity you need.

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