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Our law firm’s primary goal is to provide each client with the highest quality legal service and to obtain a fair and equitable resolution for each client. This goal will be accomplished through our diligence and dedicated work within the confines of the law and through a cooperative working relationship between our law firm solicitor and you – the client. Our qualified lawyers in Brisbane resolve most legal disputes through negotiation,mediation, or compromise.  Legal matters that are not settled in this manner will be litigated before a judge, or maybe an arbitrator.

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Guerin & McCormick are solicitors based in the Brisbane area. They are both admitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland. If your matter is in any way connected to Queensland – property is here, children are here, and sometimes if you lived here, even if you are not, we can help. We have temporary space in Brisbane and will have an office in Redlands, but you can contact us wherever you are. Other than for Court, we don’t need to see you in person. And even then, we might be able to get around that.

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